How I Became A Life Coach

Written by on August 16, 2019

For almost a year now, I’ve been a Life Coach helping people to get untrapped.

I am also a successful entrepreneur who is running a marketing organization for the last 15 years and was a Marketing professional for 10 years prior to that. Passionate about driving, I am a Professional Car Racer and have won trophies on National Level.

I was very good at it and seemingly “successful”.

I bought a lot of nice things and took exotic vacations.

But the truth of matter was by and large it sucked.

And while I tried to pacify those feelings with all the trips and nice things, it all surprisingly didn’t alter a thing.

So, couple of years ago I decided to change the things and signed up for Life Coaching Training.

At that time I had no intention of becoming a professional Life Coach; I just wanted the skills that Life Coaches have to be able to manage my own situation more effectively.

Yet the more I did it, the more I began to realize it is my life’s calling. Going forward, I am training for NLP and Time Line Therapy.

Life coaching succeeds by helping you work out what is important to you, understanding where you are feeling trapped and helping you get free of the trap – Untrapped.

Working with a Life Coach does not mean that you are incapable of solving your own problems, nor does it mean that there is something wrong with you. It simply means that you are aware and smart to resolve and choose to encounter hurdles in half the time with focused energy, without getting emotionally weak and no heartburns with the guided support of your Life Coach.

Get ready for the flight of success!!!

If you are serious about changing the circumstances of your life and want to explore heightened state of happiness and success, then all you need to do is a small dipstick test by complimentary exploratory coaching session with me.





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