How does your mind work?

Written by on May 29, 2020

Your brain has all the power connections, wiring, storage, memory and processing power you need to function as a human being. If your brain is the hardware, then your mind is the software. It’s the operating system that gathers, stores and manages information, using the massive processing resources of your brain.

To know what’s in your mind, there is a process, It’s very very easy, but it requires a lot of desire, determination to the point that your brain becomes your slave, versus your master.

The thumb rule is that signals coming from the mind, travel at an endless speed, instantaneous, while signals coming from the brain take time to pass through the processing stage, formulate a thought, then send it to your essence or your core, which is made of the same fabric as the mind, and it’s actually the mind within you doing comunication job.

Logically speaking, the first thought that crosses your essence is the mind’s thought, followed by the brain’s thought.



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